Tuesday, 28 April 2015

#GrimmGives Donations to Doernbecher Children's Hospital

Here's the thing, for those of you who know me, I am a huge, flamboyant, unreconstructed hippy with a highly extrovert nature, who likes to live life to the max. My life has been charmed and filled with great good fortune. So I like to pay it forward from time to time.

I love the show Grimm. And because I am always looking for ways to add to my growing collection of tattoos, and I just love to mess with mythology and combine ingredients in different ways, the two Grimm tattoos I have so far reflect that.

I promised some fellow fans of The Captain (he's my favourite character) that I would share my Captain tattoo with them...

This is the design. Inspired by this painting:

We've messed with the mythology a little to create something quite different.

Now, my artist, Ty, is going to do a full colour portrait of the Captain (as I am certain you have never seen him before). In the spirit of giving, if you want a print copy of the design, unique, original, in full colour, make a donation to @OHSUDoernbecher #GrimmGives, email me at raylan.yacht@gmail.com with an address I can send a copy to, and I will post you an original print copy.

Give whatever you can. There isn't a minimum, but let's see what we can raise for a very good cause.

I've got roughly four more hours until the line work is finished. Colour decisions on the tattoo will be made later.

In progress!

And no, you are not seeing things, my hair really is blue and a mohican.