Monday, 11 April 2011

Blogs I Love

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the things I like to read. How the mainstream has become less and less satisfying.

How independent writing has made me laugh, made me cry and made me think.

This is a blog post mostly about blogs, I hope you enjoy it and go out and discover the brave new world outside of what you buy in the mainstream.

First up is a writer I have admired since I first encountered his work from my time on Authonomy.

Dan Holloway is an incredible author and an amazing and highly creative individual who believes passionately in art being accessible to all. Agnieszka’s Shoes started life as the first novel written on Facebook, and has gone on to represent the best of Indie Culture 2.0. “The View From the Shoe” offers a truly independent take on culture for the 21st Century.

Lucy Brown is a PhD student and author who writes from the heart. In her ‘not so spare time’ she is writing a novel, but somehow she manages to squeeze a little extra time out of the standard 24 to write

Another lady who writes from the heart is Mel, my incredible writing partner on I know, a bit rich putting my own writing partner in here, but I look forward to Mel’s posts, they are always passionate, heart-felt and intriguing.

I fell in love with Richard Pierce’s writing the day I joined the dreaded Authonomy. I think his novel Bee Bones was the very first one I voted on. Richard writes beautiful, soul drenching, amazing prose that just gets you every time. His talent is just awesome, and he’s a lovely guy too.

Just when one might think that things cannot get any better or more creative, Dan Holloway comes back at you with another great blog, this time for his crime thriller series, Tommy West. In his own words: The Tommy West novels  are dark psychological mysteries very much in the vein of P D James and Val McDermid,with a small pinch of Thomas Harris’ modern gothic. is a new blog in support of the independent sci fi movie Pig. Writer/director Henry Barrial opened with a piece on identity. This is a blog to watch for the future as we chart Pig’s progress through film festivals to, we hope, general release. As Sci-Fi London Film Festival says “this is smart, indie sci-fi at its best, with a strong story and great performances that make the scenarios engaging and believable. One not to miss.

Next up is a book. Thought this was supposed to be about blogs? It is... but it’s my rules, so book it is.

Raven Dane is a lady of infinite resource who writes a wickedly funny story, chock full of amazing and memorable characters, some of whom have wound up on my right leg. The Unwise Woman of Fuggis Mire is a deliciously irreverent and funny fantasy in which every fantasy cliché is gleefully flipped over and taken once round the dance floor. That this book is up for Best Novel at the 2011 British Fantasy Society Awards comes as absolutely no surprise. Forget the doom and gloom of modern life, indulge yourself... you won’t be disappointed.

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Helen Smith said...

How funny that you should mention Dan Holloway twice on here - he's lovely, I did a reading with him the other day in Oxford. Thanks for the links to the other blogs, I'll check them out.

dawnbertollini said...

Sj...there are some really great reads here AND some great ideas for reading! Thanks! PS: I love Mels stuff as rich as you want to be!! :o)